Life Update: May 2019


WOW! I have to say….the last few months have been CRAZY!!!!! If you have missed what life has thrown at me, here are some links. 9 Years Gone, 2 Week Update, Announcing My Hiatus, Thank You For Sleeping With My Husband.

Short Recap incase you don’t want to read through all my old posts: Husband had an affair with my “best friend”, I found out he also got her pregnant just under a month before the baby was born. November and December were a really rough month. A close family friend was also tragically killed in the month of December so that was REALLY hard. My husband finally moved out back in March and things have been been a rollercoaster since!

New Relationship:

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Y’all have probably seen me post about Travis on my social media over the last few weeks. Travis has been a close friend of mine for a few years now, we met when he used to make my coffee every morning at the local coffee shop. There was always a spark between us as friends, we both kinda fell apart as friends because of life and back in December(2018) I was invited to a Yule Party. He was there, we instantly hit it off again and it was amazing.

Picture of us that was taken at the party.

We started spending a lot of time together after Yule and officially started dating on April Fools Day! When he asked me to be his girlfriend I definitely thought he was joking at first. Glad he wasn’t though!!

Things have been AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s slowly moved in with me and I know its “early” in the relationship but things are amazing. We have always had an AMAZING friendship and I m over the moon. He treats me so amazing, we have both had a string of bad relationships so we both are really understanding of what the other partner needs or wants.

I hate to throw this around because I feel it’s overused but we have always had a really special connection and I truly feel like he is my soulmate. Plus my dogs ADORE him and he adores them! Cute picture attached below.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear

Earlier this month I made the really hard decision to rehome Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear. I loved her company but as Fuzzy has gotten older I felt she would benefit from being in a single pet household. My dogs were really stressing her out and luckily enough a family friend was looking for a companion kitty. Fuzzy is a perfect fit, she is very happy in her new home and I visit her weekly. Makes me happy that I could find her a home that was perfect for her.


On December 29th, a close family friend(Eric is actually biologically a distant cousin of mine, I always called him my Uncle Eric though, he was Uncle Eric to EVERYONE) was tragically killed in an accident. He was killed just 16 days before his 51st birthday. His death rocked the entire community because Eric was a very well known and well-loved musician. His service was beautiful, it was really hard because I also attended the funeral with my ex-husband. Eric’s death brought us back together for a short period of time. It was weird but it felt right for the circumstance. I’m glad we could lean on each other.

Last I heard police are still investigating Eric’s death, I will update if I hear anything

Taken shortly after Eric’s Death

Eric’s death also brought me close to a long time friend of mine named Kim again, we had a falling out years ago over a silly situation. I HATE that didnt talk for so many years over something so petty but I’m so glad we have a close friendship again.

Ex Husband

Regarding my ex-husband, there hasn’t been much. He publically announced not long after Travis and I did that he and the women he had an affair with are in a relationship. I wish him the very best, I mean everything I said in my Thank You For Sleeping With My Husband post. I wish him true happiness and it is weird that he is no longer in my life but we both decided that for our mental health at the moment we just can’t be friends. In the future, I would open to the idea of being friends though.

Chronic Pain/Weight Loss

My chronic pain level has been pretty low lately! I think lack of stress and the fact that Travis and I like to stay moving really has helped. I’ve lost some weight(I’m not really sure how much) because my clothes are fitting much different which is a nice surprise. Travis and I have some really exciting hiking trips planned so here’s to being more active!

So yes! The last few months have been super hectic, some good and some bad. I am really content where I am right now in life. I am happy and I feel healthier. My mental health has made a total 360 and I’m really excited to see what the next few months throw at me.



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