A Look At The Full Size Coobie Seamless Bra

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

Bra shopping is one of the things I absolutely DREAD! I am busty so it’s often hard to find a bra in my size and typically when I do they aren’t cute. I have heard so much about The Coobie Store on social media so I knew I had to check them out!

The Coobie Store has a wonderful line of super comfortable, supportive and affordable bras in a variety of sizes. Their line features sports bras, nursing bras, strapless bras, sticky bras, camisoles, panties, leggings and more.

The Coobie Bra is available in two different sizes, the first comfortably fits sizes 32A-36D and the second which is marketed as “full sizes” comfortably fits 38A-42DD. Both sizes come in multiple styles including scoopneck, v-neck and the comfort bra(which has larger straps).

I had a chance to try on a full-size scoopneck style and a full-size V-neck style.

The first thing I really like about Coobie Bras is they have removable pads, the second is how stretchy they are. I am AMAZED at the range of sizes that these bras fit and when I opened the packaged I was skeptical because I really didn’t think it would fit my large bust but they did! I also recruited a friend of mine who is a D cup to try on the blue one and she liked it so much I gifted it to her.

I love how affordable Coobie Bras are too! The last bra I purchased was $98, Coobie Bras have a price range of $22-$24 which beats spending three or four times as much.

The Coobie Bra was also pretty supportive which was impressive because I often struggle to find supportive bras that don’t make it feel like I am being suffocated. The Coobie Bra also comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns which is great because I love fun patterns.

I am VERY impressed with the Coobie Bra and it exceeded my expectations because honestly, I was skeptical that a bra could fit such a large range of sizes. Their full-size line is AWESOME and I highly recommend it!



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