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I am a HUGE sucker for romantic gifts. When I first stated dating my husband I expressed how much I disliked flowers because they die. So for our first Valentines Day together he gave me a glass rose. Sadly the glass rose was broken in the move and I only have a tiny piece of it left, but I LOVE the idea of glass flowers and roses.

I came across Love Is A Rose while I was searching for a replacement for the rose that my husband gifted me that broke and was totally blown away by the items they offer on their website. What really caught my eye was that Love Is A Rose has been in business for over 40 years!

Love Is A Rose takes carefully selected roses and preserves them! They take the real roses and preserve them in lacquer and then they are trimmed in 24k gold, silver or platinum. These roses make the PERFECT gift and their website really has something for that special person in your life. They also have preserved orchids, crystal roses and even photo customization flowers.

I was sent their 24k Gold Trimmed Rose 11in Red Rose with the message “I Love You” On it.


Like I mentioned above this rose is a REAL 11 in rose that has been preserved in lacquer and is trimmed in 24K gold. You are able to customize each up to 4 petals, up to 30 characters per petal for $30 each petal. You can also add His and Hers birthstones for $7.95 per gemstone as well as an engraved heart charm for $25. You also have the option to add a vase from a selection of a few, earrings, stuffed animals and more.

The cost of the 24k Gold Trimmed Rose 11in Red Rose is $89.95.



I literately cried when I opened the package. The flower is insanely gorgeous! You can even see the details in the petals including the veins that run through the petals. The rose is very high quality and the lacquer job is amazing. I was overall very impressed with the rose! You even have the ability to pick the color of the roses! I thought that was really cool!

Love Is A Rose offers a $10 Shipping Rebate for Military Personnel.

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