My Pain and The New Year.


We are only a few weeks ago from 2016 and I am determined to get to the bottom of my pain! Let me give you a little back story. I have been suffering in pain for around 10 years now. For as long as I could remember I had pain in my feet, pain in my feet that would wake me up at night. There were MANY nights I sat up in bed crying because my feet her so bad. When I was in High School I was at my smallest weight. I weighed 160 pounds and I use to compete in competitions where I would dead lift weights as well as pull trucks. My pain then was manageable and I was wrapped up in training and competing that I simply did not care.

Within the last 5 years my pain has become UNBEARABLE! I cant drive,I cant work anymore, I can barely walk and I wake up in pain often. I sometimes even through up because I am in so much pain. Doctors have NO idea what is going on and I keep getting bounced doctor to doctor and get told that they cant find anything wrong. I have had over 90! Yes…NINTY tests since March. I have been tested for Fibro, RA, Lymes, Lupus, Cancers, Diabetes and more. I have had COUNTLESS blood work, numerous MRI’s and Xrays and even had doctors tell me there is SOMETHING wrong but they cant figure out what. The not having a diagnosis part tears me apart every single day.

I have decided to try and seek care outside of my area. I am only a few hours away from Boston and I really am considering trying to see someone at UMASS. I am being told my local hospital has a 2 and a half year waiting list for a Pain specialist and over a year wait for a neurologist. I am determined to get to the bottom of this in 2016 and I am NOT settling for no answers!

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