Orivet: Canine DNA Testing and Feline DNA Testing

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.  

I recently took a DNA test that included a full health panel that listed genetic health risks. It absolutely fascinated me and I became even more fascinated when I discovered there are websites that offer the same genetic testing but for pets! That is when I came across Orivet and I placed an order for one of their feline kits.

The feline health screening test includes the following:

Acute Intermitent Porphyria, Agouti, Albinism – Siamese, Alpha Mannisidosis, Amber, Blood Groups, Chocolate & Cinnamon, Chylomicronemia (Lipoprotein Lipase Deficiency), Colourpoint Restriction (Siamese/Burmese), Curly Coat – Cornish Rex, Curly Coat – Selkirk Rex, Cystinuria (SLC3A1), Devon Rex Coat, Dilute, GM1 – Gangliosidosis, Glycogen Storage Disease Type IV, Haemophilia B, Hereditary Retinal Degeneration PRA (CEP290), Hyperoxaluria (GRHPR), Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy – Maine Coon, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy – Ragdoll, Hypokalaemia Periodic Polymyopathy – Burmese, Lipoprotein Deficiency (LPL), Long Hair / Short Hair, Mucopolysaccharidosis Type I, Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI (D520N) NO ASSOCIATION (MILD FORM), Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI (L467P) – SEVERE FORM, Myopathy (COLQ), Myotonia Congenita (Feline),Neurodegenerative Lysosomal Storage Disease, Niemann-Pick Disease – Sphingomyelinosis, Polycystic Kidney Disease, Preaxial Polydactyl,  Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (Feline), Sphynx (KRT71 Variant), Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Vitamin D Rickets and White Gloves (Birman Pattern).

You can purchase a kit that tests for all of the above for $125 or purchase tests individually for $67.

Once you place an order you will receive swabs in the mail with instructions on how to collect a sample. My cat was NOT happy with this part but it went pretty quickly. I packaged the swabs back up and mailed them off. Around two weeks later I received an email with her results.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear’s DNA test came back as a Domestic Medium/Long Hair which is what I totally expected.

The website also gave me a list of diseases that Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear MAY be at an increased risk of contracting taking into account her breed makeup, age, sex, weight and other factors.

The list featured 9 diseases including Chronic Bronchial Disease (Feline Asthma), Chronic Kidney Disease, Feline Diabetes Mellitus, Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD), Hyperthyroidism, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), Inherited/ Congenital Deafness, Lymphoma, and  Osteoarthritis.

The test results are all listed on an easily accessible page. You can download the PDF for each individual test and also a Comprehensive Report and a Report Summary.

Here is a look at the report summary.

I was absolutely fascinated by the results I received. I am glad Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear was negative for everything and I loved that I could do this testing in the comfort of my own home. I highly recommend Orivet for your pet DNA testing needs!




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