Pash Pack Adult Subscription Box Review


Pash Pack is a monthly subscription box for adults. Every month they deliver an assortment of potions, lotions, sex toys and bedroom accessories picked by industry experts right to your door step! Best of all their packages are discrete!

They offer multiply different subscription to match everyone’s needs!

You can get a single box for $54, the special Bachelorette package for $47,  Pashpack Premium which is $134 every 3 months and Pashpack for couples which is $47 a month. Shipping is always free!

They recently sent me their March 2015 box for two!


The box included

Oral Delight Couples Kit which includes a waterproof 4” mini-massager that has a nubby-head attachment PLUS a soft UR3 3” “tongue” sleeve,a 1-oz. bottles of wild cherry-flavored Good Head Gel and  strawberry Lick Me Licker Gel.

Gumjob Candy Teeth Covers that come in three flavors cherry pie, strawberry and watermelon.

Tongue Dinger which is a vibrating ring for your tongue.

Oral Sex Dice: one die features commands: Lick, Tease, Kiss, Suck, Blow, and Players Choice and the other  die features body parts: Ear, Toes, Nipples, Neck, Privates, and Ass.

BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy which is a pop rocks like candy

Sexy Chapstick

Oralove Intimints to refresh your breath!

Lick me Licker Love Gel Edible Lubricant


I thought the selection was great and my husband and I had a blast trying all the products.The Gumjob Candy Teeth Covers are great as a novelty but I couldn’t get them to fit in my mouth or stay. I thought the selection was perfect as it had both sexes in mind. This box made for a GREAT at home date night! My husband and I had a blast and Its great to receive a package with a selection to try in the comfort of our own home. No more having to go to the sex store as I call it and stare and giggle like a schoolgirl(yes! I’m still immature!).

Order PashPack now.



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