Periods Just Got A Little Better With Monthly Gift

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

I think we will all agree that periods are AWFUL! I recently switched birth control so I get my period more than before and I am DREADING it! I heard about Monthly Gift through a friend of mine after I made the joke that tampon and pad companies should feature a prize inside. She had ordered from Monthly Gift before and her box of tampons featured “Emergency Chocolate” and I thought the idea was GENIUS!

Monthly Gift delivers tampons, pads, and liners to your door for as low as $10 per cycle! They also help you track your period through their period tracking app which also can remind you to take your birth control and even reminds you to schedule your annual OGBYN appointment.  They are also a company that gives back which is something I strongly support, for every box that Monthly Gift ships they donate a days worth of products to a girl in need.

I received a Feminist AF Tote Bag, Girl Gang Pink, Monthly Gift Water Bottle and a pack of regular tampons.

I LOVE the branded items! The tote bag is adorable and the water bottle is great to stay hydrated during that time of the month.

I am SUPER picky when it comes to tampons but I am really impressed with the tampons I received, they seem to be high quality and very similar to the name brand I currently use.

My favorite part was the “Emergency Chocolate” stashed away in the box of tampons! I think this is seriously the best idea ever!

The chocolate is Vosges Haut brand and is milk chocolate with hickory smoked almonds. It’s SO creamy and I loved that it featured a quote on it!

I have always loved this quote and I thought it was so awesome it was branded on the chocolate.

I am overall very impressed with Monthly Gift and plan to subscribe soon because the price is very affordable and about the same price I pay at the moment for a popular name brand but with Monthly Gift I don’t have to remember to purchase tampons all the time which is something I forget!


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