The PMS Package: A Monthly Subscription Box That Helps You Get Through Your Period

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review. 

I absolutely ADORE the idea behind The PMS Package….My period is a NIGHTMARE! I suffer from PMDD and recently had to change to a birth control where I get my period every month instead of only 4 times a year so things have been ROUGH.

The PMS Package is designed to bring you a little bit of comfort when Aunt Flo comes knocking. Each month you will receive an array of snacks, beauty, feminine care products and more that arrives at your door on a date you select. You can subscribe monthly for $34.99 a month(cancel at any time), 3 months prepaid for $98.97(works out to $32.99 a month), 6 months prepaid for $179.94(works out to $29.99 a month) or 12 months prepaid for $347.88(works out to $28.99 a month).

I was SO excited for my box to arrive because my last few cycles have been HORRIBLE!

Here is a look at what I received:

  • The Moodibars are absolutely ADORABLE!! I received a 10 pack that contains a variety of different chocolates and the labels are just so cute.
  • The MenstruHeat Menstrual Cramp Relief Pad was one item in this box that I literally gasped and screamed: “Where have you been all my life.” After trying MenstruHeat Pads I have purchased more!
  • The Playtex Gentle Glide 360 Super Tampons are not a size I typically use however I love Playtex as a brand.
  • The Cougar Marine Collagen Eye Serum was a great addition to the box and left me feeling super pampered. It provided a definite pick me up.
  • Princess Pink Chocolate Rocks, They are shimmery, pink and chocolate…need I say more?
  • The Bath Fizzer was another great addition, I love taking baths when I have cramps and bath fizzers and bombs are a bit of an obsession of mine.
  • The Cocoa Amore Raspberry Single Serve Packet is one item I did not drink, I personally think chocolate and raspberry is an odd combination but I gave it to a friend who loved it!
  • Z Skin Acne Treatment is one item I am super excited that they included, I suffer HORRIBLE acne during that time of the month so this comes in handy.
  • Always Ultra Thin Pads are my go to pads. I have been using this brand since I first got my period and I still use them.
  • The American’s Next Top Model Lip Balm was a great addition as well, during the winter my lips get so chapped and I needed a new lip balm. I love the tin and even though I am not a huge American’s Next Top Model fan this balm is something I would purchase in the future.

I was overall very impressed with The PMS Package I received, I think the variety of items sent were wonderful and I would absolutely subscribe.


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