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My husband and I recently had the pleasure of testing out a product called Salt For Life. We were both really eager to try it, especially my husband because he isn’t a big fan of traditional salt.

Salt For Life tastes and looks like salt because it IS salt. Traditional salt is sodium-based while Salt For Life is a natural potassium salt which is often mined in the same salt mines as sodium salt. You can use Salt For Life just like you would sodium salt in cooking, baking and more.

Salt For Life

Salt For Life has 75% less sodium than regular salt and contains Potassium which is a necessary and often under-consumed nutrient. The Potassium Salt is from ancient sea beds in Canada and the Sea Salt is from the ocean waters off Brazil’s northern coast.


I decided to make Chili and I used Salt For Life instead of traditional salt. My husband and I were happy with the flavor and thought Salt For Life really improved the taste of the dish without overpowering it. My husband actually uses Salt For Life strictly now since he very much prefers it over traditional salt. It took me a few times using it to really like it because I have used traditional salt so much and enjoy a super salt flavor but I have grown to really like it. The texture very much reminds me of sodium salt and it dissolves easily into foods without any clumps and I have not noticed any aftertaste. It tastes great and I highly suggest it! Especially if you are looking to add more potassium to your diet.

You can purchase Salt For Life on Amazon, Olde Thompson , and Select Stores




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