Santa’s Village trip #2


If you read my last post about our trip to Santa’s Village, you would probably remember that I mentioned last time we went we were given four return tickets since we went three hours before the park closed. Well this weekend we returned and spent the WHOLE day there!

For those that don’t know Santa’s Village is a is a Christmas-themed amusement park in New Hampshire. It opened in 1953 and was created by Normand and Cecile Dubois, when it first opened it had pony rides and showcased Francis the Famous Mule in a mule performance. Santa was also a frequent face accommodated by reindeer and elves.The park was later englarged to include a “Santa Schoolhouse”, a “Blacksmith Shop”, “Santa’s Workshop” and a chapel. By 1969, the park also had playgrounds, restaurants, and a “Jingle Jamboree”, In 1986 They added a “Polar Theater” with 3D shows that include elves that dance and a tree that sings, as well as “Skyways Sleighs”, which transport people through the sky to different parts of the park. Today the park has 18 rides, 1 roller coaster and a water park!

Admission to the park is free for children 3 and under, $29 a person for 4 and older and $27 for 62 and older. On their website it states If you arrive within 3 hours of closing, we JOYfully will offer you a “Return Pass”. which is true because we arrived 2 hours before the park closed and received 4 free return passes.

Your admission includes Free Parking,Free Stroller Use Rides, Shows, and Attractions,Free Ring from the Blacksmith,Free Elfabet Game and Prize,Free Pet Kennel Use.

We arrived at the park around noon and because we had return passes we didn’t have to wait in line at all. We just went into the In entrance and the lady scanned our tickets. When you get return tickets they put your last name on them and when we arrived the lady asked for ID. Which I think is great so people don’t sell their tickets!

This time we finished our Elfabet cards and returned them to Elf University and got diplomas and pencils!


Because we arrived so early we got to ride a bunch more of the rides!


We headed off to Reindeer Rendezvous to see all the Reindeer. We paid $1 for four pieces of apple this time.


We went for a ride on the train which honestly I do not suggest for adults. I was SUPER cramped the whole way and I am only 5 foot 4 inches and I was super cramped. My husband who is 5 foot 6 was even more uncomfortable. However the train ride was really cute even though we were cramped.


We all got candles made at the North Pole Workshop. They were around $6 each which included the candle holder, wax and wick.


We also stopped by the Ornament shop

DSCF1911We also picked up a few other Souvenirs


Had to stop by and get our free rings! DSCF1867

Our whole family had a blast!



Our second visit was even better then our first!

We ate at Burger Meister Food Court and all of us werent very impressed this time though, our wraps were good but the pasta salad was over seasoned. We did eat at  Frosty’s Freezer Homemade Ice Cream again too and were just as impressed as last time. The lines were pretty short this time around too and the park was immaculate. We really had no complaints this time around other then the pasta salad at the food court. The seating area next to the food court was SUPER packed and we almost didnt find a seat, I wish they had other seating options for when its full. But all around we had a great time and will be returning!

Santa’s Village is located at 528 Presidential Hwy, Jefferson, New Hampshire.

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