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A few month ago, My Hubby, Step Daughter, Her Girlfriend and I decided to take a trip up to Santa’s Village in Jefferson, NH. I mean it was only little over 2 hours and we needed some much needed family time!

For those that don’t know Santa’s Village is a is a Christmas-themed amusement park in New Hampshire. It opened in 1953 and was created by  Normand and Cecile Dubois, when it first opened it had  pony rides and showcased Francis the Famous Mule in a mule performance. Santa was also a frequent face accommodated by reindeer and elves.The park was later englarged to include a “Santa Schoolhouse”, a “Blacksmith Shop”, “Santa’s Workshop” and a chapel. By 1969, the park also had playgrounds, restaurants, and a “Jingle Jamboree”, In 1986 They added a “Polar Theater” with 3D shows that include elves that dance and a tree that sings, as well as “Skyways Sleighs”, which transport people through the sky to different parts of the park. Today the park has 18 rides, 1 roller coaster and a water park!

Admission to the park is free for children 3 and under, $29 a person for 4 and older and $27 for 62 and older. On their website it states If you arrive within 3 hours of closing, we JOYfully will offer you a “Return Pass”. which is true because we arrived 2 hours before the park closed and received 4 free return passes.

Your admission includes Free Parking,Free Stroller Use Rides, Shows, and Attractions,Free Ring from the Blacksmith,Free Elfabet Game and Prize,Free Pet Kennel Use.

Santa’s Village also has  events such as Silly, Spooky Halloween Extravaganza! and New Year’s Eve Partybration. They also offer ‘Tis The Season Pass valid for the whole year for only Only $79.00 per person; children ages 3 and younger are free.


There is TONS of fun stuff to do through out the park. be sure to stop by the Elf University before you travel too far. Elfabet cards can be obtained there, if you find the 26 elves your child will get a prize!


Stop by the Reindeer Shoe Shop for a very special gift. “Good Luck Rings” are especially made to fit the finger of choice. Children have been collecting these for over 60 years. This is a signature tradition here at Santa’s Village. I Even got one!



Reindeer Rendezvous was one of my FAVORITE places to go! You get to see Reindeer close up! feed them special cookies (sold 3 for $1.)(I am not sure if they were “out” that day or if they really are just carrots, but I paid $1 for a cup of carrots) or just to pet them.

DSCF0949We ended up eating at Burger Meister Food Court where I got a fresh made wrap and the rest of the family got burgers. My wrap was FANTASTIC and came with a huge plate of home made pasta salad. We also ate at Frosty’s Freezer Homemade Ice Cream which has MIND BLOWING home made ice cream! It was all so good!

One of my favorite things about Santa’s Village is they are VERY accommodating  they offer Preferential Accessibility” to those guests who have difficulty waiting in lines. When you visit, please stop by the Guest and Family Services Center. There, you may explain your situation to our EMT, and he will give you a pink pass. He will also explain how this pass is to be used on the rides, and at Santa’s Home.

They list information on allergies on their website:

The Sugar ‘N Spice Bake Shop: All Santa’s cookies contain gluten, egg or dairy products. We do offer a nut-free, and a nut-free gluten-free pre-packaged cookie that is safe. Other than juices, there are no products here without dairy. Some cookies contain nuts, and there is a potential for cross-contamination.
Burger Meister Food Court: This season we offer a gluten-free chicken finger and gluten-free fries. Please ask Santa’s Helper to special order these. Hotdogs contain potassium lactate, but the french fries, onion rings, burgers (without the roll), garden salads and fruit bowls are all free from dairy. We do make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so the potential for cross-contamination is great here with nuts and gluten.
Frosty’s Freezer: This building contains a variety of ice creams, sherbets, sauces and cones. All have dairy products in them, some have nuts. The possibility for cross contamination is contained for tree nuts and peanuts. Santa’s Helper will get a clean scoop, and get your ice cream from a new unopened container. We do question, however, how strict they are when producing this ice cream at the dairy. Cross contamination might be a problem on that end. Cones all contain gluten.
Dasher’s Delights: Mostly fast foods here specializing in fried dough, burgers, fries and sausage sandwiches. This season we offer a gluten-free chicken finger and gluten-free fries. Please ask Santa’s Helper to special order either option. Sausage and hot dogs contain potassium lactate. Please check the ingredient list there.
Nutcracker Sweets: We do use Canola Oil, which is a mustard seed derivative, used here for the popcorn.
The Jolly Lolly: There is a great nut-free chocolate bar here that has been made in a safe environment. Products that contain egg and dairy are as follows: All fudge, Peanut Brittle, Cow Licks and the Fun Candies, Christmas Lolly Pals (Kencraft), Bit ‘O Honey. Caramel cremes, Mickey chocolate mints, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey Miniatures, and Vermont Nut-Free Chocolate Bars all have dairy.
Nick’s Pizza: We offer a gluten-free pizza dough. Please ask Santa’s Helper to special order. Nick’s has no ingredients that contain eggs; however, the cheese does have dairy. Cross-contamination might be an issue if sensitive to this. No nuts. They sell milk here too.
Farmer’s Market: Here’s where yule find treats of the purest quality. Fresh fruits, freshly made fruit salads and drinks.
Donner’s Doe-Nut Shop: Donner has some wonderful mini-doughnuts and drinks. Egg, flour, and nut products here.
The Polar Expresso: Gluten products (pretzels); sweetened nuts (including Santa’s Helper) here too.


I had a FRICKEN BLAST! We are all over the age of 15 but we all had a blast. I mean the park is totally geared so that all ages enjoy it. We went on almost all of the rides and just walking around visiting all the shops were fun. The lines were super short when we went, all the staff was pleasant and the park was SUPER clean even it being 3 in the afternoon. We will be returning in a few weeks because we had SUCH a blast!  I had a LOT of fun because I love amusement parks but I dont do well on the huge rides like some of the really big amusement parks have, since most of the rides here are aimed towards children but adults can still ride I had a blast! Normally my husband and I are the ones waiting at the end of the rides holding all the stuff because we cant ride while the kids ride because we both get super motion sick, but we both were able to ride all the rides here with no trouble. DSCF0964 DSCF0965 DSCF0967 DSCF0968 DSCF0969 DSCF0963 DSCF0946

Santa’s Village is located on Presidential Hwy, Jefferson, NDSCF0946Santa’s Village is located at 528 Presidential Hwy, Jefferson, New Hampshire.
I did not receive free tickets to write this review, I paid 100% out of pocket for this trip.

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  1. I found the link to this review on Santa’s Village facebook page. I love to see that a family without little children loved Santa’s Village just as much as my family. It is so sad to see people post that their children are too old to continue to visit Santa’s Village (even though they want to) or that they missed the opportunity all together. I agree that Santa’s Village is a wonderful place for anyone of any age to visit.

    1. I was super sad to see a lot of people giving it bad ratings on Trip Adviser simply because they thought it was for little kids. I saw a lot of adults without children even having a lot of fun. We will defiantly be returning!

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