Screaming O: The Best-Selling Vibrating Rings On The Market! 18+

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples in return for this post.

I have heard the name Screaming O before because they are an award-winning adult product designer behind some of the most popular sex toys on the market. I have purchased a few of their items in the past and was always VERY impressed! They also sent me some of their items to try out and as an ex ambassador for a few popular sex toy sites I have a lot of experience with their products. They have a huge selection of toys for EVERYONE including rings, vibes, novelty gifts, and even toys designed for couples.

Their top seller list has some wonderful and affordable items such as the Rechargeable Moove, Monarch Wearable Butterfly Vibe, Remote Control Panty Vibe.

One thing I really like about Screaming O is all of their products are tested in an independent lab to confirm that all materials are non-toxic and body-safe. They also clearly label everything so consumers know exactly what they are buying.

Their collections include Charged which are rechargeable items, The Original Screaming O Collection which features some classics!, ColorPoP which are mini vibes and vibrating rings in fun neon colors, The Secret Screaming O which are discrete items, PrimO which features vibrating rings, True Silicone which features body-safe silicone products and lastly Vooom which are items powered by their low-pitch, deep rumbling Vooom! motors.

The Screaming O has a HUGE variety of items for everyone in different price ranges, I personally am a huge sucker for the Original Screaming O collection and particularly the Big O!


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