Happy Kitten Valentine Gift Set from Cat Claws

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

We worked with Cat Claws back in December to highlight some of their holiday themed toys and we have teamed up with them again to show you some of the awesome options they had to offer from Valentine’s Day.

Cat Claws was founded in the mid-1980’s by Bill and Gale Seliskar. Bill owned a corrugated box company, and he noticed that their cats loved to scratch on samples he would bring home., that’s how the Claws Scratching Pad was born. They started selling their product through newspaper and magazine ads and then soon expanded into a catalog of unique cat products. In 1993 they moved their company to a different state and have since expanded their product line to include hard-to-find cat products

Fuzzy Bear was sent their  Happy Kitten Valentine Gift Set.

The  Happy Kitten Valentine Gift Set featured one Scratch ‘n Shapes Cozy Curl corrugated cat scratcher, one Easy Grow Organic Oat Grass Kit, one feather teaser wand, one 9 gram of certified organic catnip, and one holiday toy(we received a heart!)

Fuzzy Bear LOVED the cat scratcher and spent hours playing and lounging on it. I thought the Grass Kit was a great item to include even though my cat didn’t show interest in it(I gave it to my mom and her cats loved it) and my cat really seems to like their brand of catnip over other brands I have purchased in the past and she loved playing with the teaser wand and heart shaped toy.

You can purchase the Happy Kitten Valentine Gift Set for $20.90.


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