Sidekick LED Book Light by Mighty Bright Review


I love reading especially at night and I love laying in bed when I read, My husband gets home late so he often eats dinner and goes to bed and I always feel super guilty reading with the bedroom light on, because of this I have definitely stopped reading as much as I use to but I recently came across the Sidekick LED Book Light from Mighty Bright and it allows me to read without the worry of disturbing my husband!

Mighty Bright  is all about lighting up your world! They are based in Santa Barbara, CA and specializes in the production of portable LED lights. Mighty Bright LED Lights provide energy-efficient, bright illumination for up to 100,000 hours of continuous lighting! How awesome is that!?!? That’s a lot of time for me to catch up on my reading!


The Sidekick LED Book Light comes in black, blue, white, green, and purple. It is PERFECT for late night reading and is powered by 2 CR2032 batteries. It is constructed of flexible and durable Silicone and ABS plastic, the sturdy clip easily clips to pages and other surfaces and the flexible neck moves in almost every direction! This light really has so many uses!



  This little light is powerful and also fantastic for travel! I use it for sewing, applying makeup and when I need to look in my purse! I also use it when I need to clip my pets nails or clean their ears. Unlike other book lights I have owned in the past once you affix the light a book or bag it stays in place! It does not slip at all and does not leave creases in book pages. The price is super affordable and the Sidekick makes a perfect gift!

You can purchase it for $9.99!




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