Soak Away The Pain With Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

I came across Medicine Springs while researching bath soaks for pain, The idea of Medicine Springs started after Brandon’s Mom Brenda received relief from her painful arthritis after soaking in a geothermal mineral hot spring while on vacation. She mentioned on return from vacation that she wish she could achieve the same relief at home and that’s when Brandon who was a  former high school science teacher knew he could help her achieve that!  Brandon and his wife Julie took chemical analysis of the most healing natural springs around the world, brought home those results and then removed the water, separated the compounds, isolated the reactions and packaged it. You can know have your very own personal mineral spring in the comfort of your own bathtub or hot tub! They currently offer 3 different varieties of product to choose from, the first is

They currently offer 3 different varieties of product to choose from, the first is a Joint Relief which is ideal for Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and other joint pain. The second is Skin Therapy which is great for Eczema and Psoriases relief and the third is a Sport Formula which is perfect for sore muscles and is modeled after the geothermal mineral springs that warriors would seek out after battle to help heal their aching bodies.

I received a package of their Joint Relief formula with the hopes it would give me some relief from my chronic pain.

The package contains enough for two bath soaks in individually packaged bags which are labeled Soak 1 and Soak 2.

I waited until I experienced a really bad pain flare-up to try out the product, I followed the directions and soaked in the tub for about a half an hour and noticed my hips and knee were not as stiff when I got out. It was all around a really relaxing experience and I would absolutely purchase their items in the future.

The bath tub formulas are $14.99 each and the hot tub formulas are $49.00 each.


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