Spoil Your Cat with Tiki Cat Gourmet Carnivore Wet Cat Food.


Chewy.com sent Fuzzy Bear and I a variety pack of Tiki Cat Gourmet Carnivore Canned Cat Food for her to try this month!

The variety pack we received contained 1 can of Beef & Liver, 2 cans of Beef Liver & Chicken, 1 can of Beef Liver & Lamb, 1 can of Bonito Tuna, 2 cans of Chicken & Liver, 2 cans of Chicken With Duck, 2 cans of Chicken with Turkey, 1 can of Seabass and 1 can of Tilapia. Their canned cat food caters to your cats prey diet with the ultimate wild prey nutrient profile, their products are also grain free, gluten free, made with whole meat, carbohydrate, starch and flour free, has a zero glycemic index and meets the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO for All Life Stages

WP_20160206_004[1]Now I won’t lie, Fuzzy Wuzzy is a very picky cat, I have been trying for years to find a canned cat food that she would eat, normally she eats it for 2-3 days and then won’t ever touch it again. I was pleasantly surprised with how much Fuzzy Bear liked it! I found the formula to be very soupy which Fuzzy Bear seems to love! She actually licks her bowl completely clean! Looking at the ingredients on each can I also loved that meat was listed first! I have been feeding her this food for a few days and it seems to agree with her stomach well and she seems to enjoy the variety and flavors because there is nothing left in her bowl after! Upon opening each can I noticed a very familiar smell of meat which is nice! I am so sick of cat foods that smell disgusting and Fuzzy Bear seems to prefer simply food that smells like people food. Honestly, if someone showed this to me without showing me the can I would think it was just canned fish or meat.


You can currently buy the variety pack for $17.17 right now on Chewy.com which is a fantastic price for the quality of the food you are receiving! I am so happy I found a canned food Fuzzy Bear will actually eat.

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