Spring Cleaning with Invisible Glass

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.  


After a long winter, the first part of spring cleaning for me is to clean my windows inside and out! I HATE dirty windows and because I have pets who like to stick their noses up to the window in my bedroom it ALWAYS has little nose prints and because I live on the main road my windows get really dirty on the outside. I decided to try cleaning my windows this year with Invisible Glass and I am LOVING how they look!

Invisible Glass is a division of Stoner Inc., a family-owned company that was founded over 60 years ago. Invisible Glass is specially designed for use on glass surfaces because the formula is free from soaps, scents, and dyes so it evaporates quickly and completely leaving your windows, doors, tables, mirrors, and other glass surfaces streak-free and clean.

Invisible Glass sent me their Aerosol Glass Cleaner, Reach & Clean Tool, and Lens Wipes.


I LOVE the Aerosol Glass Cleaner, its super convenient and delivers the perfect amount of glass cleaner onto the surface evenly. The  Reach & Clean Tool makes cleaning the windows so much easier! It features a sturdy handle and flexible head which is perfect for cleaning curved surfaces. The Reach & Clean Tool made is so much easier to clean the surface of the HUGE floor to ceiling window in my bedroom and is also perfect for windshields. I really like the lens wipes, they have a good amount of wetness to them and leave my glasses streak free and are also great for cleaning camera lenses, computer screens, and other electronics.


I am completely sold on Invisible Glass products, it leaves both my windows and glasses streak free and looking their best.

Here are some great tips from Invisible Glass to get the most out of their products

Invisible Glass Cleaning Tips

For glass so clean it’s invisible, use Invisible Glass® with a microfiber or low-lint cotton cloth. Avoid paper towels that contain added softening agents and may cause streaking or haze. Invisible Glass is safe for use on glass, mirrored, chrome, and stainless steel finishes.

In the Bathroom

Easily tackle toothpaste splatters, fingerprints, and hairspray build-up on mirrors and shine faucets and fixtures. Use the Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool® to clean tall mirrors and glass shower doors.

In the Kitchen

Clean and buff stainless steel appliances with Invisible Glass and a microfiber cloth to wipe out fingerprints and smudges. Invisible Glass is perfect for cleaning glass cooktop stoves and won’t scratch the surface.

Around the Home

Clean windows and glass doors with Invisible Glass using a top to bottom or side to side motion. A circular method creates static charge attracting dust and dirt to the surface. Tackle your window cleaning on a cloudy day as full sunlight can cause cleaning agents to evaporate on the glass too quickly.

Attach the Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool® to any standard extension pole to reach tall windows or mirrors.

You can buy their products at Walmart, Auto Zone, The Home Depot, Target and many other retailers. 



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