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Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.


If you’re like me, you want to experiment with new ways to tame “that time of the month” since mine can be quite unruly, that’s when I started looking around online and found THINX. To be honest, at first I was skeptical because I have a very heavy period most of the time and free bleeding I’ve never been able to do, so period proof underwear did sound too good to be true!

If you’re not familiar or haven’t heard of the brand, Thinx are underwear specially designed to be worn while you are on your period. They have a special lining in the crotch area that is very absorbent but it isn’t padded like a diaper at all. They are moisture wicking, anti-microbial, and leak resistant. So depending on how heavy your flow is and what style you buy, you can wear the panties alone with no pad, panty liner, or tampon I know that is hard to believe but its true! Thinx has a wide variety of styles including thong, hiphugger, sport, boy short, cheeky, and hi-waist.

Now for the price, they are a little up there in price but if you think about how much you spend on other menstrual items. Thinx ranges from $24-$38 per pair, but they are reusable and you wash them! So ultimately this makes them cost- efficient. Plus you can also build a cycle set and save money !! Buy 3 pairs or more and save 10% on your total, buy 5 pairs or more and save 15% on your total, buy 7 pairs or more and save 20% on your total. Plus with every pair of Thinx panties bought, a pair is sent to a girl in a developing country, big thumbs up to Thinx for that!

I received the hiphugger style of Thinx in black, size xl. My first thought about them was that the fabric was super soft and silky which I wasn’t expecting. In my opinion, they were not heavy and didn’t feel like they even had layers to protect you from leaks, and to my surprise, they don’t feel like a diaper at all which I love! Plus once I opened the package they came in a cute little bag.



To wash your thinx panties make sure you pre-rinse them in cold water! Then you can wash them with the rest of your clothes on cold only! Then hang to dry.

I absolutely love my thinx period panties, I free bled my second day of my period which is always my heaviest day and I had  no leaks, no wet, gross feeling, and best of all no more ruining any  panties. I won’t be able to wear my panties again until 4th day because hang drying them is taking a while, so I had to result back to tampons in the mean time.  They work great and I will continue to use them and perhaps even purchase another couple pairs so I can free bleed but I definitely recommend you buy more than one pair if you want to free bleed during your whole period.


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