Ditch The Dingy Water Dishes for Torus Water Bowl

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.


Like many pet parents over the last few years, I’ve opted for the traditional metal water dishes, but they can get grimy, knocked over and my dog likes to carry it around the house. I began the search for something better and that’s when I came across the Torus Water Bowl.


The Torus Water Bowl is a water dish, portable water dish and dispenser all in one. The water dish can store up to 2l inside the reservoir walls which means less filling. It filters the water(one filter lasts a month) and automatically dispenses but can easily be turned into a portable water dish with the turn of a switch. One of my favorite features is the walls prevent spills and messes and my dog can’t carry it around the house! The Torus Water Bowl does not require any batteries or power source has a 12-month warranty. They also carry a 1L capacity bowl which is perfect for smaller pets. I have a multi-pet home so the 2L is perfect for us!


The bowl is SUPER easy to use you just turn the cap to the “tap” symbol and lift, fill with water, insert filter, place the cap back on and turn the cap to the “flow” symbol, for travel turn the cap to the “padlock” symbol.


All three of my pets had no issue taking to the Torus Water Bowl, I was a little worried the walls were a little large for my cat but she was able to drink with no issue. I loved not having to fill the water dish as often and I noticed this dish gets less grimy than metal dishes because it’s made from BPA food-grade material which makes for easier cleaning.

The 1L bowl sells for $54.95 and the 2L bowl sells for $59.95, you can also buy a pack of 5 replacement filters for $14.95.


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