Tweedz Braided Headphones Review

logoFor some reason Earbuds HATE ME! I have gone through SO many pairs in the last few years and all to often they either get so tangled that they end up damaging the wire or they simply just don’t last, even if I try my hardest to care for them properly. I recently came across Tweedz and LOVE their headphones!

Tweedz Braided Headphones are inspired by vintage guitar cables, they are designed to be durable, they are bright colors so they easily stand out and the high quality nylon braided headphone cable reduces the dreaded wire tangles.Every pair of Tweedz comes with 3 sizes of silicon earbuds to provide a noise isolating fit. Forget the boring white or black earbuds, Tweedz come in a range of bright colors such as blue with black and white accents,red with black and yellow accents,pink with black and white accents,green with black and yellow accents and black with red accents.

The headphones sell for $34.99 each.



I really love the concept of these headphones, I am a huge music nut and really love they are inspired by vintage guitar cords. They are the prefect length(130 cm) so I can tuck my Ipod into my pocket and still enjoy listening to music comfortably. The sound is GREAT and I think they are a great pair of headphones for the price and are built to be durable and last.

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