Wedding Article: Brides Village Part One:Ceremony

My Amazing Fiance and I

As many of you know,I am currently planning a May 11th, 2013 wedding, we are on a very STRICT Budget(About $2000) to plan this wedding, I recently came across an amazing website called Brides Village

You can visit their website here, They have AMAZING Customer Service(Im a total bridezilla, and they have been SO HELPFUL), So I decided, that I would come on here today and list some of the gorgeous items they have to offer, that I will be purchasing Or are on my wish list(hint hint)

The Above running is the Embracing Hearts Wedding Runner and can be seen Here

They offer a GREAT Variety of  Wedding Runners, They offer PLENTY of Fonts and designs so you can EASILY custom them to your liking! There is Runners for all types of wedding and who wouldnt want one of these gorgeous runners! They add an elegant touch to any wedding. To View their other runners, click here, They also have a great selection of Unity Candles and Candle holders, Click here to view them

Isnt this just adorable!!

This item caught my eye! Who wouldnt want to include their furry little friend in their wedding ceremony!! This is just amazing! This Winged Dog Ring Holder is just a perfect idea!(and who says it has to be used for a dog! My Fiance’s Coworker owns a pig!) Click Here to view this item on their website and while your over there, View the Flower Dog Shirt

The Above is the White Lace Flower Girl Basket, which can be seen here

Brides Village Offers a HUGE Selection of Flower girl Baskets for ALL weddings! I personally really liked the one picture above, but here are some others that I found adorable!

This is perfect for a Valentine’s day wedding! Click here to view it

Maybe a Camo themed Wedding?? Click Here to view 
Maybe a little Animal Print?? Click Here to view it

I Think I have made my point clear, They offer TONS of Flower Girl Baskets! Click here to view their selection

 We Cant Forget the Wedding Guest Books!(I told you this place has everything! This is your ONE STOP BRIDAL SHOP!)
I completely love this book and will be ordering it ASAP

Brides Village offers a HUGE selection of guest books and guest book alternatives! Everything from Rose Themed to Heart Themed To Signature Plates to Engraved Frames 

To View Traditional Guest Books, Click here and for Guest Book Alternatives Click Here
Now Onto the Garters!
I can not Emphasis how grateful I am that Brides Village Offers a WHOLE Selection of Plus Sized Garters
I am a plus sized woman(Size 20) and Bridal shopping is stressful enough, but its even more stressful when your plus sized, They Offer everything from Zebra to Camo to traditional, to view their selection of PLUS SIZED GARTERS click here and to view the rest of the selection click here

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