Wedding Articles:Bridal Village Part 2:

My Fiance and I

So this is the Second edition of my write up on Bridal Village

Cake Toppers:
This website has a HUGE Selection of Cake Toppers, So Iv decided to post a few pictures and links to some in all categories!
The topper above is the Tender Moment Kissing Couple and can be viewed here

I Like the above topper because its Traditional with a Modern Twist(They Offer this same topper as well in African-American)

I think this one is GORGEOUS and very Traditional!  To View it Click here

Funny: I personally LOVE Funny Cake Toppers!

What a cute topper for your Gadget Heads!! View it here
Personally this is probably the cake topper I will purchase 😛 View it here
This is also a pretty cute one, View in here

Theme Wedding: 

Getting Married in Hawaii?? Or are you just having a Beach Themed Wedding?? These are the perfect topper, View them here and Here

Have a love for you HOG?? Why not include it in your wedding! View it here

To View the rest of the Cake Toppers, Brides Village has to offer, Click Here

In Part I forgot to mention Invitations!! You cant have a wedding without them!!

I personally found these to be adorable! Click here to view them

To View more click here

Wedding Programs are another great touch to any wedding,I Personally am not having them but they have a great selection here
Wedding Favors are another important factor, 99.9% of the time, the biggest thing people remember is the Music and the Favors!!
This is Bird and Wildlife Safe!

Rice throwing is a Traditional that has been around for Many Years!! To View the Heart Shaped Rice on their website Click Here

For your more Eco-Friendly Wedding’s There is a product Called Ecofetti, It is Biodegradable, And comes in Tons of colors! 
I Would Personally get some in Blue and White 🙂 To View it on their website click Here
You Can Request a Low Cost Sample of Most of the Favor Items here
I have a HUGE Passion for birds, so of Course I am going to go for the Bird Cage Card Holder 😛
To View This Card holder and Others Click Here

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