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Wonderful Halos are a staple in my household! I love citrus foods, however, I find them often hard to peel because I am developed arthritis in my hands, I have always loved Halos because they are so easy to peel and Mandarins are just so tasty. We absolutely devour Mandarins and I love topping them on salads and using them for cooking(Mandarins juice pairs AMAZING with pork!)

Halos are juicy little Mandarins that are seedless, easy to peel and kid sized! They are grown in California and Non-GMO Project verified, be sure to enjoy Halos while they are in season which is  November through April.

I have teamed up with Wonderful Halos this Easter to highlight their awesome products and give away an Easter Themed Goodie Box!

Halos Sent me along a nice little goodie box which featured this ADORABLE container that featured a Halo as the easter bunny!

The container features an adorable little basket of Halos, Halo’s Bunny and Chick Craft, a recipe for Halos Kitchen Cleaner, Halos Scavaneger Hunt, 2 free coupons and a few other recipes.

 Halos are so juicy and flavorful! They are one of my go-to snacks and they often help curb my INSANE sweet tooth.

Do you want to win your very own Goodie Box?

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  1. I absolutely LOVE halos! I eat 2 a night after work and the best part is the ease of peeling them. It doesnt take forever to do!

  2. I love halos because they are small and don’t take a lot of room in my lunchbag. Easy to peel and taste good

  3. I love Halos because they are so delicious and a healthy snack for my kid’s and perfect for our busy on-the-go schedule!

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