My Pets Received a HUGE Package from Worldwise Pet Brands!!

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

Worldwise’s brands include SmartKat, TrustyPup, Petlinks, Kathy Ireland Loved Ones, GoDog, Hear Doggy!, Sherpa and Guaranteed On-Board. They recently set Rosie, Loki and Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear a HUGE box full of goodies and I can’t wait to share with you all some of the great products they sent.

I love Hear Doggy products because they are really durable and hold up to their power chewing. Like many dog parents though the high pitch sound that squeaky toys make drives me CRAZY after awhile so I started purchasing Hear Doggy products because all their toys are designed so your dog can hear it but humans can not(dogs hear at a higher  frequency which is 0 to 45 KHz while humans are only 0 to 20 KHz). Stuffies do not usually last long in my house but Hear Doggy toys seem to last awhile and the puppers love them.

Visit their website

Go Dog is another line of toys that hold up to my dogs who are power chewers. Their plush toys feature Guard Technology and they also sell a line of environmentally safe and non-toxic foam toys as well as beds and retrieval line which includes the goFETCH which is now one of Loki’s favorite toys! I really love that the ball included with the goFETCH features ToughCore Technology because Loki LOVES to destroy balls.

Visit their website

Loki even received a new bed from Petlinks! This bed is really high quality and is made from Soothing Gel Memory Foam. What really drew me to this bed is that the cover zips off and is washable! Most beds I have gotten for Loki do not feature a cover and the fact that this one has a cover makes it worth spending the extra money.

I put the bed in his crate and Loki seems to really love it!

You can find Petlink products at Petco, Pet Supplies Plus, Petsmart, Pet Food Express and more! You can also purchase it on Amazon.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear received a Garden Flower Sack Crinkle Hideout Cat Toy which is ADORABLE but seems a little small for my cat(she’s around 14lbs). She sort of sniffed it but never actually went inside so I plan to give it to someone else who has smaller cats. The design is SO adorable though!

You can purchase multiple different styles of the Crinkle Highout Cat Toy on Amazon.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear also received the SmartyKat Happy Hammock and she LOVES it! It is designed to attach easily to most chairs. I often find Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear lounging in it and even though is a large cat she fits perfectly in it!


You can purchase the SmartyKat Happy Hammock on Amazon.

I am very happy with the box of items we received from Worldwise and I would say my pets are too!


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