Butterie: The Butter Dish, Reinvented

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review. 

Loki LOVES to eat butter so I have never been able to leave butter out because he steals it! This makes having softened butter on hand for things like baking hard. I came across Butterie on a website called The Grommet and I thought what a neat little butter dish and it might help tackle the butter thief issue!

Butterie is a dishwasher safe and shatterproof solution to the traditional butter dish. The flip top design keeps your butter protected and your counters clean. It also includes a matching butter knife with a cradle for easy storage and a hidden, no-mess edge for scraping the butter knife clean. Butterie can hold TWO sticks of butter at a time which makes it great for people who bake often. It also features a non-slip base and wide easy to grip handles which make carrying Butterie easy.

I LOVE Butterie because it means I can always have softened butter on hand without having to worry about it making my counters messy or Loki stealing it because I think the flip top design makes it so he is unaware it is there.

Butterie is avilable in multiple colors including Cobalt Blue, Sunflower Yellow, Black White, Red, Light Blue, Ivory, and Taupe. You can purchase it for $15.99 and they have a few offers right now on their website where you can save 5%, 10%, and 15%.

Each Butterie comes with 1 spreader and you can get another one for free, you just have to pay $2.95 for shipping.


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