Happy Wax: Wax Warmers and All Natural Soy Wax Melts

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

I have two wax warmers in my house already and I love them, they smell wonderful and I just love the ambiance of wax warmers because they give all the same effects of candles which I am pretty much obsessed with without the danger of an open flame(I have three pets so I tend to not use candles as much as I was like). I have very little counter space in my bathroom though so I started looking for a Plug in Wax Warmer and I actually discovered Happy Wax while looking to purchase some new wax melts online for my other warmers and I was super happy to see that Happy Wax offered a few Plug in Wax Warmers.

Happy Wax offers a great variety of Electric and Plug in Wax Warmers in super fun designs, what drew me to their website at first was the fact that all of their wax melts are made from 100% soy which makes them environmentally friendly and sustainable. Their wax melts are also infused with essential oils and are free of phthalates.

My bathroom is a little bland so I tend to decorate with super fun designs so I decided on the teardrop design which I feel is super bright and would be a great way to bring some color to my otherwise bland bathroom.

The design makes it super compact so it fits well in the small space of my bathroom. The base is rotatable which means it can be used in both vertical and horizontal outlets. The flexible silicone wax dish makes for easy cleanup and is great also because I am super clumsy and have broken the glass dishes in the past.

I love that even though the warmer does have a glow it doesn’t get super hot because I have had some wax warmers in the past that get super hot.

You can purchase this warmer for $19.95.

I knew I also had to try out some of their wax melts so I decided on their Lavender Chamomile Wax, Snowman S’mores, and Apple Harvest Wax.

I absolutely LOVE Lavender because of its calming effect, the Lavender Chamomile Wax contains a blend of stress-fighting essential oils including cedarwood, chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender, and orange. I love popping this in the warmer when I settle in for a nice relaxing bath.

All of Happy Wax’s classic tins contain 24 bears(which I think are SUPER adorable), it’s suggested that you melt 2 for 8 hours of scent. I have left wax in my warmer for much longer though and I’ve found the smell lingers for much longer than 8 hours. Their website suggests you will get more than 100 hours of burn time out of one tin and I definitely can see how that is true.

Happy Wax offers their wax melts in two sizes: 3.6-ounce tin or an 8 oz pouch.

I LOVE seasonal scents so I knew I had to try the Snowman S’mores scent. The melts in this tin come in Evergreen Trees, Snowman and Star shapes. Each shape has a different scent(Trees are Winter Pine, Snowmen are S’mores and Stars are Apple and Nutmeg) and are also infused with clove. I promise if you love seasonal scents you will love Snowman S’mores.

The last scent I decided to try was their Apple Harvest Wax Melts, These melts are bear shaped with three different scents in each tin. It is made up of Apple Harvest, Cinnamon Chia, and Pumpkin Souffle. These wax melts remind me so much of Autumn which is my favorite season.

I was overall very impressed with Happy Wax, I love my warmer and I aboustely love the three scents I tried. I will definitely be returning to Happy Wax for all my future Wax Melt purchases!

Happy Wax currently has an amazing deal going on where you can mix and match ANY 4 tins for $40! Their 3.6 oz tins normally sell for $12.95 so this deal offers some great savings!!




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