Holiday Gift Guide: Easy Treezy Pre-Decorated Artificial Tree.

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.   

Easy Treezy has changed the world of Artificial Christmas Trees! Their pre-lit and pre-decorated trees set up quickly due to the cone design and locking magnets.

I was really excited to use try an Easy Treezy Tree this year because last year I found myself struggling to set up and take down our other artificial tree. I decided on a 5.5 foot  Touch of Rosé Pre-Decorated Tree but Easy Treezy has other pre-decorated designs to choose from as well as and offer both 5.5 ft and 7.5 ft trees to choose from.

Easy Treezy trees are designed to lay flat and that is exactly how they ship. I love that because they are designed to lay flat they store REALLY easy. I was a little skeptical at how easy the tree was to put together. But I soon realized how easy it really is.

I did a quick break down and re-setup that can be watched above.

This tree is so stunning and fits perfectly into the spot I picked out.

I only have a few complaints which can be seen below:


  • The cord was a little short so I needed to utilize an extension cord
  • Some of the decorations fell apart after set up which resulted in tons of glitter, plastic balls and other pieces falling all over the floor.
  • There is no base so the tree is flush to the floor which means there is no place for presents under the tree.

Regardless of these complaints I do really like the tree and the top reasons I do can be seen below:


  • Very easy setup, pre-decorated reduces the amount of set up and break down time.
  • Cone design makes for easy storage
  • Durable and seems made to last
  • Light-weight which also makes for easy setup.

I am overall very impressed with The Easy Treezy and it’s defiantly one of the easiest artificial trees to set up.

You can purchase the 5.5 ft Touch of Rosé Pre-Decorated Tree for $349.00.


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