Pink Lemonade Shop Cloth Pads Review

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

One of my new year’s resolutions was to use more reusable products. I started using a menstrual cup but it doesn’t always cut it for me so I decided to research reusable pads and that is when I came across Pink Lemonade which seems to be a very popular website.

Pink Lemonade was launched in 2007 by a mother of four whos passion was encouraging women to take charge of their menstrual health and using more natural products that are free of harmful chemicals while keeping unnecessary garbage out of landfills. Pink Lemonade has a wonderful selection of high-quality cloth menstrual pads, pantyliners, menstrual cups, nursing pads and more. All of their products are made from high-quality materials in a variety of fabrics, shapes, sizes, and styles.

What drew me to reusable menstrual products, to begin with, was past reactions to tampons and disposable pads. I love that Pink Lemonade has fun patterns and that reusable pads are better for the environment.

The first thing I noticed was how soft these pads are. I was shocked at how much more absorbent they are then disposable pads and no more fighting with sticky wings because these pads feature a poly-resin snap that keeps the pad in place. I used to fight with disposable pads to stay in place but Pink Lemonade pads don’t move thanks to the wing design and snap.

How to Wash:

Now you might ask, how exactly do you wash these? Super easy! I give mine a quick rinse in the sink then toss them right in the washer. I wash them on cold using my regular laundry soap but I avoid fabric softener. I then toss them in the dryer or hang dry. I do laundry every single day so I just threw them in with my other laundry. Some women chose to wash all their pads together, some throw them in with cloth diapers or their normal laundry.

How Long Do They Last?

1 Pink Lemonade Shop Cloth Pad replaces at least 100 disposable pads! Isn’t that INSANE! Sue, the owner of Pink Lemonade has pads in her collection that are 9+ years. If you take care of your pads properly they will last many years.


Being on a very tight budget I was worried that reusable pads would be expensive but they are actually VERY affordable. For LESS then the price of a package of disposable pads you can actually buy 1 cloth pad that will actually replace at least 100 disposable pads!

Pink Lemonade offers a wonderful selection of starter stashes as well as single items at affordable prices. I can’t wait to build up my collection bigger!


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