Glove Box Express: The Perfect Gift For A New Driver!

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.


I recently purchased my first car and I am SO excited! It is a 1995 Honda Accord and it needs a little bit of love! I came across Glove Box Express when I was searching for items for my car and thought it would make an AMAZING gift for a new driver!

Glove Box Express sends you a car care kit every month that includes a microfiber towel, mints, air freshener, dashboard wipes, a litter bag, seat cleaner, facial tissues, safety tips and tricks and 3 premium items that match the kits monthly theme.

A kit arrived at my door a few days ago and the monthly theme was wheels and tires!

The kit contained:

  • Armor All Tire Shine
  • Pink Tire Gauge(Did you know you are supposed to check your tire pressure once a month?)
  • Valve Caps
  • Air Freshener
  • Tissues!(I seem to NEVER have these when I need them!!)
  • Mints
  • A Litter Bag!(I am horrible about cleaning out my car!)
  • Armor All Protectant Sponge which is used to clean and protect your dash
  • Armor All Cleaning Sponge(great for leather, fabric, and carpet)
  • Microfiber Cloth

The kit also featured a card that gives in-depth directions on how to change a tire. I am ashamed to admit I don’t know how to properly change a tire so this tip was VERY helpful!

Glove Box Express currently sells for $17.99 but the original price is $19.99 a month. I think Glove Box Express is a really helpful subscription box for new drivers but also seasoned drivers who want to ensure they have car essentials every month.



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