Hippie Butler Unboxing

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

 As a medical patient, and someone who is very new to the world of Marijuana I am always looking for more information especially on the many delivery systems. While I typically stick with creams and patches sometimes I do have to turn to more traditional methods when my chronic pain is really bad. I came across Hippie Butler and thought what a great subscription box! I can try different things and get a feel for what really works for me at an affordable price!

Hippie Butler is a subscription box that delivers that sends a variety of supplies for smokers including rolling papers, glass pipes, lighters, grinders and more! They team up with some of the top brands including Doob Tubes, RAW, Juicy Jay and more!

There are a few different subscription options to choose from, the first is Rollers Club which is ideal for roll-your-own enthusiasts and sells for $11.99 a month, the second is the Butler Box which is ideal for the smoker who likes to roll and use glass and sells for $32.99 a month and the third is The Masters Club which is a mixture of all, they allow you to customize it for flower or concentrate and is $139.99 a month. The first two boxes allow you to customize flavored, non-flavored or a mix which is great because I know many people are very picky.

I received the Bulter Box which sells for $32.99 a month.

This box featured:

  • Grapes Gone Wild Juicy Hemp Wraps
  • RAW Classic Rolling Papers
  • RAW Pre-Rolled Tips
  • Elements Ultra Thin Rice Papers
  • Skunk Brand Hemp Wraps
  • Clippers The Dogtles Lighter
  • Blue and White Glass Pipe(It is STUNNING in person)
  • Hippie Butler Branded Doob Tube(I was so excited for this because it means I can pre-roll and have it ready for when I need my chronic pain gets bad, sometimes my hands don’t want to work well when I have a flare-up)
  • Hippie Butler Grinder
  • Hippie Butler Sticker
  • Rasta Racer Rolling Paper Depot Rolling Tray

I was a little overwhelmed at first(like I said this all a little new to me) but after looking through everything I was really impressed with the variety. There is a nice selection of Hemp Wraps and Rolling Papers and the Glass Pipe is SUPER pretty. I don’t have a rolling tray yet so that was a very nice addition. I think the price is great and as someone who suffers from Chronic Pain and can’t always drive to pick up supplies, I like that I don’t have to worry about supplies arriving at my door with Hippie Butler. No need to worry either! They ship your box inside of another unmarked box!

In addition to their monthly subscription box, they also offer other supplies and one time bundles.


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