Plush Emoji Slippers From PlushMoji

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.


I’ve always overused Emoji’s, I especially love the cute ones like the heart eyes and kissy face and I know I am not the only one who loves Emoji’s which is why I am here to talk about PlushMoji today!

PlushMoji is a one stop shop for emoji pillows, emoji slippers, emoji pens, emoji keychains, emoji ornaments, and more. I’m not going to lie! I FLIPPED when I saw that they carry slippers…I’ve always had a thing for obnoxious looking slippers(when I was a kid I had a pair of HUGE Garfield slippers that I wore out after many years of use.) so naturally I had to own a pair!

I was sent their Heart Eye Slippers and as soon as they came out of the box I instantly fell in love.


They are ADORABLE, Obnoxious(in a good way) and I just love them. I received them in a size large and they fit perfectly(I wear a size women’s 11). The only downfall is because they are so large my dog likes to try and attack them…It’s hilarious! They actually keep my feet pretty warm and they are super comfortable and of course get people talking(I wore them to the local fireworks one night and people loved them)


They also have Grinning Smile, Kissy Face, Purple Devil, Smily Poo and Sunglasses Emoji slippers in size Small(fits up to a kids size 13 – 8″ across sole from toe to heel), Medium (fits up to a women’s size 9 – 10″ across sole from toe to heel) and Large (fits up to a women’s size 15 – 12″ across sole from toe to heel).

They sell for $14.99 and if you love Emoji’s you will LOVE these slippers!



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