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So I have a habit I am not proud of…I am a nail biter! I know its absolutely disgusting and I’ve been trying for YEARS to stop, It’s one of those things that I’m not even aware of unless someone points it out and I’m actually highly embarrassed by it. I have desperately been trying to stop for years with no success! I have even considered hypnosis and my therapist believes my nail biting is linked to my severe anxiety so I was really excited to give NeverBite a try!

NeverBiteNeverBite Gel

NeverBite works by addressing both your subconscious and conscious behaviors, the system includes NeverBite Finger Guards which are offered in different sizes, the Finger Guards work by blocking your fingers access to your mouth, you can break the habit in just 3 weeks because, after 3 weeks of blocking the sensation of biting a nail or cuticle, your brain will reset. You will now be aware every time your fingers approach your mouth! Once you break the subconscious behavior the rest of the system offers you alternatives to deal with the desire to bite your nails. This part of the system features NeverBite Gel is a 100% organic gel that heals your nails and cuticles quickly, it’s made from food grade ingredients and is 100% natural and vegan, NeverBite Nail Clippers which are great because I ALWAYS bite at hangnails or my cuticles and NeverBite Nail Files which are great for when the nail clippers just don’t cut it!

Nail Biting

I was really excited to get started! I have had a few setbacks and honestly breaking the subconscious behavior has been the hardest! I find my self-forgetting to wear the Finger Guards so I am still working on breaking the habit. I love the NeverBite Gel, Nail Files, and Clippers, they have helped me reduce my nail biting and I can’t wait to fully break the habit! I think once I get past the subconscious stage it will go easily.

Each kit features 30 NeverBite finger guards, 3 month supply of NeverBite Gel, 3 NeverBite Nail files, and 1 NeverBite nail clipper for $19.99!



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