EPICKS Guitar Picks Review!

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.  

I met my husband while he was playing in a band, my husband is very passionate about guitar. He plays at least once a week, though he isn’t in a band anymore. I was so excited EPICKS decided to send me some PICKS for my husband to try!

EPICKS Guitar Picks  all started in 2009 when Ian Morrow decided he wanted to try and make guitar picks out of wood. During college, he joined forces with David Schmitzer and Jesse Cole.
EPICKS offers custom wooden guitar picks out of woods such as premium Gaboon ebony, Lignum Vitae, and quilted maple. Each pick is cut, beveled, sanded, and polished by hand. From start to finish, every pick receives the attention and love it deserves. Epicks are 100% natural using no fillers, dyes, stains, or synthetic compounds. Because Epicks are all natural, they are also a responsible, sustainable, and a green product. Each wood pick develops a different sound. 


This is made of African Blackwood Pick at 1.5MM
This is made out of Gaboon ebony at 2.0 MM
I love the uniqueness of the picks, My husband loves how sturdy they are, he has been using nylon picks from the local guitar shop and after awhile they get bent and don’t last. These wood picks will last forever! 
The guitar picks range in price, there is no flat rate price, but basic labor starts at $7.50 per pick. The cost of wood(which is not included) starts around .50 per pick. There are 23 different woods to choose from and gauges range between 1.5 MM to 22 MM however most woods can only be made as thin as 2.0 MM for structural reasons. Three finishes are offered, Matte, High Glass and Pure Tung Oil.
  • Matte: the pick is sanded to 1000 grit sand paper and provides an even, flat finish
  • High gloss: the pick is sanded to 12,000 grit sand paper and provides an even, mirrored finish
  • Tung oil: the pick is sanded to 2000 grit sand paper and treated with tung oil. This darkens the color and gives a semi gloss luster
They offer 4 standard bevels, rounded, dramatic V-shaped, hybrid, and offset (worn bevel)


  • Rounded: offered mostly on our thinner picks, the edge of the pick is rounded for a comfortable feel and smooth attack
  • V-shaped: a well defined “V” shaped bevel that is used on thicker picks for maximum playability
  • Hybrid: a V-shaped bevel that has been slightly rounded
  • Offset: A rounded bevel that is slightly larger on the side that the player uses most


They also offer custom laser etching through  Perfect Etch in Austin, Texas

For no extra cost you can even have necklace holes dripped into your picks so you can wear them as a necklace.

Final thought:
I think these picks are amazing, my husband likes them too, they are custom made, can’t beat that! They are durable and will last much longer than nylon picks, and are not much more expensive than nylon picks.
Be sure to visit their website for more information.  

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