Holiday Gift Guide: Catrice Cosmetics

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review. 

Catrice Cosmetics first opened their doors in Germany in 2004. They have since expanded to over 50 countries and in 2015 they made their way to the US. Their collection of luxury inspired makeup that is also cruelty-free makes Catrice Cosmetics a popular brand with both beauty lovers and makeup artists. Since I discovered them last year they are hands down one of my favorite brands.

Catrice Cosmetics was kind enough to provide me with some of their products to try and while I am already a fan of their lip products I was really excited to check out their other products.

The first products I am going to focus on are their “In a Box” Palettes.

There are four different products in the “In The Box” product line and are sold for $14.99 each.

The California In a Box Palette two matte bronzing powders, shimmering blush, matte blush & golden highlighter. This product arrived partly damaged which is why the golden highlighter appears lumpy. Their website states if you receive a damaged product that you can reach out to their customer service which sounds promising.

The Galaxy In a Box Palette was one that I was really excited to check out in person. It features four holographic highlighting powders and a transparent face gloss for dewy highlights. These shades were selected by 13,000 voting Catrice fans and this is hands down one of my favorite products I received.

The Filter In a Box Palette features 4 color-correcting matte finishing powders. Blue captures cool light effects, pink provides freshness, yellow balances out shadows and brown creates a summery contour. The shades can be used separately or together.

The Light in a Box Palette features 4 highlighting powders and a translucent glitter powder for an added sparkle effect.

Precious Pigments Loose Eye Shadow

Their Precious Pigments Loose Eye Shadow line has 6 different shades. I received “Pink Galaxy”, “Out of Greys” and “Moon Dust”. I really love all three shades! They are so pretty in person and the picture does not do them justice!

The Precious Pigments Loose Eye Shadow are sold for $7.99 each.

Pure Pigments Lip Lacquer

Pure Pigments Lip Lacquer comes in 8 different shades. I had the chance to swatch “Deep Sea Navy”, “Wine O’ Clock”, “Rosie’s Peony” and “My Pink Is Poppin”.

Pure Pigments Lip Lacquer are high shine and took a little bit of practice to put on but I love three out of four shades. “My Pink is Poppin’, “Deep Sea Navy” and “Rosie’s Peony” are all my favorites. I thought “Wine O Clock” was pretty but just not my shade.

The Pure Pigment Lip lacquers are sold for $7.99 each.

Overall Thoughts:

I was overall very happy with all of the items I received from Catrice Cosmetics and they have wonderful Holiday Gift Sets just in time for the Holiday season.


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