The Mood Factory Review

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.


The Mood Factory  is a relator of products that are made to engage your senses! Their product lines include Mood-lites which are light bulbs based on the sense of sight, they use colors to help affect your mode. Be sure to read more about sense of sight. They also sell Mood-Candles, Mood Crystals, Mood-Scents, Mood-Deodorants, Mini Mood-Deodorants, Mood-Oils, Mood-Butters, and Mood-Essences.

I was sent a bunch of their Mood-Lites to review.


The light bulbs come in three categories.

Incandescent Mood-lites which are 25 watt, last up t0 1,000 hours and come in Sassy, Serenity, Happiness, Passion,
Renewal, Creativity, and  Black-lite.

Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Mood-lites which are 13 watt, last up 8,000 hours and come in Happiness, Passion, Sassy, Energy,
Tranquility, Creativity, Renewal, and Black-lite.

Flood Mood-lites which are 90 watt, last up to 2,500 hours and come in  Happiness, Passion, Renewal,
and Tranquility.

The colors available are Happiness(Yellow), Energy(Orange), Passion(Red), Serenity(Light Blue), Sassy(Pink), Renewal(Green), Creativity(Purple),   Tranquility(Deep Blue) and Black-Lite. 

You can buy the lights on their online store  as well as Lowes.


The lights are super vibrant and add a really nice colorful touch to any room. I use the yellow light outside and its bright enough to light the front porch but not so bright its annoying. The pink is my all time favorite, its a great touch to a bedroom or a bathroom and I noticed they really do affect my mood and make me feel more relaxed.

I highly suggest these light bulbs.



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