The NightLift Bra, The Bra That Supports Your Breasts While You Sleep

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review. 

Having a large bust comes with many struggles, one of my biggest complaints is sleeping! I often have a hard time getting comfortable so when I came across The Night Lift Bra which promises to support your breasts while you sleep I KNEW I had to try it.

NightLift is a sleepwear collection that was designed by renowned plastic surgeon Randal Haworth, MD, FACS and is designed to protect the breasts while you sleep. It protects your breasts by keeping them immobile which helps prevent sagging and drooping over time.

I know many ladies who cringe at the thought of wearing a bra to bed but the NightLift is unlike any other bra. NightLife uses B.U.S.T which is an acronym for Bilateral Uplift Support Technology which is designed to lift, separate and stabilize the breasts when you lay down.

I was SO eager to give it a try and when I first saw it I was a little intimidated by all the straps but I was easily able to navigate it.

I ordered the NightLift in a size 44DD because this is the size I typically purchase and the size I have been professional sized at. I found that the 44DD was a little big in the cup so I could have gotten away with ordering one size down but it wasn’t SO big that it was uncomfortable and I feel like it still served its purpose. I was surprised at how comfortable the Nightlift Bra is and I have even worn it while running errands because it’s super comfortable but also supportive.

The Nightlife Bra is available in sizes 32B-44H Which I think is AWESOME because I often struggle to find my size and I know some of my more bustier friends also struggle so I was really happy to see that the Nightlift Bra comes in a large range of sizes.

The Nightlift Bra comes in three different colors including nude, black and pink as well as a lace version and sells for $98. I think its a great bra for the price because while it’s designed as a sleep bra I wear it while doing other activities such as cleaning and it gives me much better support than my other bras. It also fits well and seems to be durable and high quality.

Nightlift also sells a camisole, a babydoll, and underwear.


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