Wet Personal Lubricant: Hemptation, Platinum and Elite

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

For nearly 30 years, Trigg Laboratories has been manufacturing premium sexual wellness and consumer healthcare products. You can purchase their products under the brand name Wet which is one of the top-sellers of personal lubricants and intimacy products.

Personal Lubricant as a massage oil:

While there are obvious uses for personal lubricants, I also use it as a base for massage oil. When I made a recent batch of massage oil, I decided to use Hemptation personal lubricant as a base. The reasoning I chose it is because it contains USDA Certified Organic Hemp Extract. Hemp has a lot of benefits, this product also contains aloe vera juice which my skin LOVES! It does not have a smell, so I added dried rose petals and properly dilution essential oils.

Hemptation is latex compatible, compatible with most toys and is available for purchase in 10mL pouches and 1oz, 3oz. and limited edition 4.20 oz sizes.

The reason I like to use personal lubricant as a base is that it tends to soak into my skin better than other bases. Most oil bases such as olive oil and coconut oil tend to just collect on my skin and causes skin breakouts which do not happen with personal lubricant.

Other uses:

I have also used personal lubricant to prevent chafing which is a hack that I learned from a friend who is a runner. It also works in a pinch to remove stuck on rings! I have had to use it a few times because of A.S related hand swelling.

 Elite is a high-end hybrid lubricant and contains a water/silicone blend. It does not have a smell and leaves a really nice silky feeling without a sticky residue.  It is latex compatible and compatible with some toys.

The Platinum is a premium silicone lubricant and is hands down my favorite. It is doctor recommended, latex compatible and also is cleared by the FDA as a ClassII 510(k) Medical Device to be used in conjunction with all types of condoms. Platinum eave your skin soft and moisturized which makes it perfect for body massage and skin conditioning.

Overall I am still very happy with Wet as a brand. They are always my go-to for personal lubricants and while Platinum is still my favorite I think Hemptation is a very close second.

Wet has a store locator so you can find where to purchase their products near you.


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