BloomsyBox Review


Are you looking for a fantastic gift for that special someone in your life? BloomsyBox is the PERFECT gift!

BloomsyBox delivers fresh flowers every month to your doorstep! Unlike most flower suppliers you will not receive unnecessary extras or mixed bouquets, you will only receive beautiful “single-variety” hand-tied bunches of flowers. Their flowers are also sourced directly from suppliers in South America, Holland, Thailand and California. The flowers are freshly cut(2-4 days) and hand picked! Their flowers do not sit in a warehouse before they are shipped which means you get the very best quality!

Their subscriptions include

Bloomsy S features flowers such as roses, hydrangeas, gerberas, alstroemerias, daisies and will contain anywhere from 15-30 stems depending on the flowers sent and it costs $34.99 a month.

Bloomsy M features flowers such as mini calla lillies, roses, hydrangeas, gerberas, and more and will contain anywhere from 10-35 stems depending on the flowers sent and it costs $38.99 a month.

Bloomsy L features flowers such as  orchids, tulips, or even mini calla lilies and will contain anywhere from 20-36 stems depending on the flowers sent and costs $48.99 a month.

They also offer an Office Box which ensures your office will always be beautifully decorated! They have over 56 flower choices, you will receive a designated account manager, flexible delivery, no contract and beautiful flowers!



The flowers arrived tucked away and secured in a box, I was super worried because I live in Vermont that the flowers would arrive frozen and wilted and sadly they did. I promptly put them in water with the flower food that was sent and I was not able to save the whole bouquet. Over the next 24 hours a few of the flowers bloomed nicely and the bouquet lasted 3 days before they began to die(my husband and I tried to save them, he worked at a flower shop but I think the cold shocked them)


Even though they died a few days later, they were absolutely BEAUTIFUL and smelled fantastic! I have no idea what type of flowers they are as I did not receive any information about them. My suggestion is if you live in a colder state wait until it warms up to order flowers. I think their service is great though and when it warms up I plan to order more flowers from them!




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