bObsweep: The Newest Addition To Our Household

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

When my chronic pain is bad simple tasks like vacuuming becomes difficult and with 3 pets I pretty much have to vacuum daily. I have been dabbling with the idea of purchasing a robotic vacuum for a few months now and wanted something that is designed for pet hair but is also affordable. That’s when I came across bObsweep and knew its exactly what I was looking for!

There are multiple bOb’s to choose from but they pretty much all do the same thing, each has the ability to vacuum and mop and I decided on the bObsweep PetHair because with 3 pets there is TONS of pet hair. This bOb is designed specifically to pick up fur, dander, litter and kibble with ease! He features an extra large brush that easily picks up what other vacuums leave behind! I was SHOCKED the first time I emptied the dust bin because bOb had picked up tons of pet hair that my other vacuum constantly left behind.

bOb has TONS of settings and I’m actually still figuring them all out, he is very smart and independent! You can program him to start and stop at specific times and he also has different cleaning modes! The remote allows you to control EXACTLY where bOb goes and I seriously have no idea how this little vacuum is so smart! He easily goes around large furniture and even cleans under my futon! I sometimes forget to pick up all of the dog toys before bOb starts and when he runs over them he will beep and automatically shut off to let me know he got into trouble. He has several sensors that allow him to easily navigate your home without falling down stairs or bumping into furniture. He DOES feature rubber-like non-collision bumper as a safety precaution in the unlikely predicament that he DOES bump into walls or furniture. bOb also features a sterilizing UV lamp which is a super unique feature that just makes bOb THAT much handier!

I am VERY happy with bOb, I typically use just the vacuum setting but have also used the mop setting a few times, attaching the mop head is super easy and bOb does a very thorough job when it comes to keeping my house clean. He seems to deep clean my carpets more than my traditional stand-up vacuum and has NO issue picking up the pet hair, kibble and other messes my pets leave behind. He is super easy to use and I love the fact that when bOb’s battery gets low he automatically returns to his base. I was really skeptical that this little vacuum could do so much but I think bOb is the best thing I’ve brought into our house in a long time, I use him every day and have run into no issues.


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