Cinnamon Buns Made Simple With Baketivity

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.


I absolutely love baking so I had a blast teaming up with Baketivity!

Bakevivity is baking box that features pre-measured ingredients that are FDA approved and Kosher, a recipe plus a short lesson and an activity or game. While the box is ideal for children 4-10 years old, families and adults still find great joy in baking with Baketivity.

I received their Cinnamon Buns box.


The box featured everything needed to make Cinnamon Buns including flour, sugar, vanilla sugar, dry yeast, dark brown sugar, and cinnamon mix (cinnamon, sugar, confectioner’s sugar, and vanilla sugar). You just have to add eggs, oil, water and bake them for super delicious Cinnamon Buns! The box makes 8 Cinnamon Buns and also features an ‘antonyms & synonyms’ educational lesson and ‘find the synonyms’ cards and board game.


The Cinnamon Buns were SUPER easy to make and the fact that everything was pre-measured which made for super easy baking. I found the ‘antonyms & synonyms’ educational lesson and ‘find the synonyms’ cards and board game were super educational and even as an adult I enjoyed the box and lesson.

You can purchase the Cinnamon Buns Kit for $24.95, they also have Triple Chocolate Cookies and Cake Pops boxes for the same price.

Subscription Prices:

$24.95 – Monthly

Billed monthly. Renews automatically, cancel anytime. Free shipping

 $69.95 – 3 Months

Over 5% off! Billed every 3 months, renews automatically.

$129.95 – 6 Months

Almost 15% off! Billed every 6 months, renews automatically.

$239.95 – Yearly

Over 20% off! Billed every 12 months, renews automatically.

Final Thoughts:

I was overall very impressed with the box and I had a blast making the Cinnamon Buns. Even though this box is ideal for 4-10 years old my husband and I had a lot of fun baking togeather and this box makes for a PERFECT date night in!



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