Nomadic State of Mind Handcrafted Rope Sandals Review

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

When I first came across Nomadic State of Mind I was instantly drawn to the fact that the company has a very high standard when it comes to fair trade and ethical practices. The fact that owner Chris taught a small community in Nicaragua how to produce sandals and provides them with a reliable income is something I think is amazing, he has been working with this particular community since 2002 and has seen a major economic change in this community since teaching them this craft. I love supporting companies that help out communities and Nomadic State of Mind is a perfect example of the type of companies I love to support.

They have increased their product line to feature other items including rope art(using rope scrapes from producing sandals), handbags, water bottle carriers, rugs and even organic/fair trade coffee.

I FELL in love with their Romano rope sandles and I knew I had to own a pair!

I was a little worried at first they weren’t going to fit because I have large calves but I was very pleased to see these sandles are adjustable at five different points which means they are fully customizable for a secure fit. The laces on the Romano sandals are the only ones that can be changed which means you can add different colored laces to further customize them. There is no set way to tie the laces, I have messed around with ways to tie them and I really like the above.

There is a video listed on their website that also gives you an idea on how to tie them

The Romano sandals come in Women’s 6-9.5 and Men’s 9-13.5 and sell for $42.00.

I received them in Men’s 9-9.5(I typically wear an 11 in women’s) and they fit very well. They are SUPER comfortable and great for the days that my ankles and feet swell due to my AS. My only complaint is that the soles don’t grip very well so you can easily slide on certain surfaces, so I suggest being careful when wearing them not to slip.

I am absolutely in love with these sandals and wear them often! I highly suggest Nomadic State of Mind because of their strong ethical practices and their high-quality products.




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