Simply Asian Food Truck-Springfield, Vermont

I won a $25 Gift Card from Simply Asian on their Facebook page recently and decided to write a post about my recent experience there! 

Simply Asian is an Asian Fusion food truck that has recently shown up in my town! Everyone is RAVING about them and often when you drive by there is a gigantic line! Simply Asian recently ran a contest on their Facebook page and gave away 5 $25 gift cards! I had the pleasure of winning one of them and decided to pay them a visit to try some of their yummy food! I had stopped in when I first noticed them and tried their Crab Rangoon and they are seriously the BEST Crab Rangoon I have ever had so I was really excited to give some of their other dishes a try!

Their menu features a great variety of items including appetizers, rice dishes, noodle dishes, stir fry, curry, and pho. They even offer Thai Tea which I have heard people rave about! Today I decided to try the House Lo Mein and Shrimp with Pineapple with an order of Crab Rangoon!

The House Lo Mein is super flavorful and is loaded with veggies, meats and has a nice kick to it which is something my husband loves in food, especially Asian food. I think its totally worth the $10 and cant wait to try their other noodle dishes.

The Shrimp with Pineapple is super tasty! Very flavorful and loaded with veggies, I poured it over the white rice but I know some people prefer to eat it separate which is great because they serve them separately.

The Crab Rangoon are my all time favorite! They are seriously the best I have ever had are LOADED with real crab. They are unlike any I have ever had before because it seems most of the local places either don’t use the same ingredients or use pre-made frozen ones. I showed up before 11 today and Nate was making a batch fresh so their Crab Rangoon are super fresh and hand made! 

Simply Asian is located at 12 River St in Springfield, VT. Their hours are Monday-Friday 11am-6PM and they currently accept all major debt cards and credit cards as well as cash! Be sure to stop by if you are in the area because you will NOT regret it!


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  1. Totally agreed with all of this review!! Their food is amazing AND their rangoon are “simply” out of this world!!!! ☺ Looking for a great place to grab a bite???? Try Simply Asian, you won’t be dissapointed!

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