Stay Hydrated with Up Mountain Switchel.


If you have been a reader for awhile you probably have heard me talk about Switchel a few times, but if you don’t know Switchel is pretty much a staple in my state, hundreds of years ago it was created by farmers as a way to stay hydrated and quench their thirst. Switchel is a very versatile drink, you can drink it cold, hot, as a sport drink, when you are sick and so much more. As you can imagine there are many varieties of switchel and it’s not unusually for different families to have different recipes. The recipe I use is my husband’s families recipe and I have always wanted to try other varieties. I recently came across a company called Up Mountain Switchel that has a few flavors available!

Up Mountain Switchel started in 2012 after the creator tried different recipes and finally settled on a recipe that uses fresh ginger, pure organic maple syrup, and raw organic apple cider vinegar. They currently offer Switchel in lemon flavor, Yerba Mate, original and they also offer a cayenne switchel cleanse.

I recently received a good ol 24 oz jar of their original to try!


The first thing I noticed was the color which made me really excited, from experience with making it I noticed that when the color is dark it usually has a better punch to it and really provides a great source of energy. It smells absolutely AMAZING and tastes fantastic. The jars nutrition fact states that there are 3 servings in a 24 oz jar but I tend to drink switchel out of a shot glass every single morning, by doing so it tends to give me the energy I need to get through the day. Switchel has a very hard taste to describe, its almost like a sweet apple cider taste with a hint of ginger. I noticed that Up Mountain Switchel is very well balanced and is actually some of the best tasting switchel I have ever had! I highly recommend it!

 Their flavors come in jars that are 12 oz, 24 oz and the original also comes in 26 oz.

You can purchase their products in 6 packs and 12 packs.




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