Holiday Gift Guide: National Geographic World’s Best Geode Kit

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

I LOVE Geodes so I was super excited to see that the National Geographic Store offers a World’s Best Geode Kit.

This kit features 10 high-quality geodes that might include quartz, calcite, pyrite, or even amethyst, safety glasses and a learning guide. A household hammer is required and I opted to use a chisel as well.

I was SUPER excited to start breaking into them and of course safety first!

My mother and I scored them like the book suggested and started trying to break into them.

We were able to easily get some of the smaller ones open but I had to recruit the help of my husband for some of the bigger ones. Most of the little ones seemed to shatter into pieces but the bigger ones didn’t.

We were finally able to get them all cracked open and they were absolutely breathtaking.

The geodes I received seemed to all have quartz which is fine because I absolutely love quartz. I had so much fun with this kit even though we struggled to open the last few really big geodes(It took my husband and a big hammer). The kit also comes with two geode stands and a magnifying glass which I thought was a great addition.

You can purchase the World’s Best Geode Kit for $29.95 on the National Geographic Store.




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